In February 2017, I moved from Dallas, TX to Singapore. My first intercontinental move ever. I’ve lived away from home for ten years now, but never so far. Over the years I’ve tried to share what my life out in the world outside of my hometown is like, but with different people on different platforms (Facebook, Instagram, e-mail, phone, or none of the above) it gets hard to share the full experience with everyone. I share pictures and tid-bits here and there, but I want a way to share more about my journey, my experiences, my learnings, and my joys.

I titled this blog “A Good Day to Explore” because I truly believe every day brings us something new to discover. You can be at home reading, exploring your neighbourhood, taking a road trip, or flying around the world seeing new sites and learning about new cultures. Life presents us so many opportunities to learn about ourselves, others, and the world around us. We have the chance to try new things every day. While not every day may be exciting or adventurous (I know, sometimes you just need to binge watch a show or get chores done), but I believe every day can be fulfilling and brings meaning to life as long as you are open to it.

I’m aiming for weekly updates where I will share stories of day to day life in Singapore, travel stories, events I attend, things I love, and challenges I face. If you’re ever curious about something, please ask! It could make a great post or learning opportunity!

Carpe Diem.