First thing’s first. We call it “Singa” (like San Francisco is called SF, not San Fran).

Thursday, Feb 2nd: Arrived at 2 AM, got to my temp housing, unpacked and went to bed. I got up at 7 AM to go for a run and capitalize on free breakfast. I went into the office to unpack all of my boxes and catch up with  few people over coffee. I decided to go shopping for a few essentials and have an easy night on my own.

Friday, Feb 3rd: Apartment viewings! Twelve to be exact. My gut, head, and heart fell in love with apartment number two, which I am still in the process of trying to lock down (send good vibes/wishes and hope I get it so that if you visit, you can experience the amazing 36th floor view).

Over lunch, I joined the Singa office team for a traditional Chinese New Year holiday lunch with some of the Singa office team. We kicked things off with the Prosperity Toss (Yusheng) – fun, messy, and delicious. Two days in and I’d tried my most exotic and expensive dish to date….Bird’s Nest. It was actually very similar to a chicken noodle soup (the local team told us to go ahead and enjoy the dish and they would tell us what it was once we finished (and yes…I’ve never felt so western assuming the dish was a version of chicken noodle soup)).  Make sure you click that link if you don’t know what it is.

The day was capped by happy hour with some other SYK expats. So nice to have friendly faces to welcome me here on only day one and two.

I think by this time I finally recovered from the jet lag and pure shock of moving my life across an ocean.

The Weekend: I spent the weekend with two lovely expats from Ireland (via Australia), one of whom works at SYK. Spent time looking at a few more apartments, drinking wine, and continuing to shop (needed some new runners, food, and sparkly shoes, of course).

First week in the Office: On Monday, Feb 6th, I celebrated my six year “stryker-versary”. What a time and place to be after six years with an amazing company and team.

Thanks to setting up my office the prior week, I was able to dive right in to meeting with a few people, reading, catching up on e-mails, and setting out my proposed plan for the year. Everyone has been very welcoming and I’m excited for the years to come here!