I have yet to figure out who the Dwight and Michael of the office would be, but I can tell you we have some awesome people. The office is about 25 strong, much smaller than the few hundred I’m used to. It’s a combination of local Singaporeans and expats from all over. Many people travel for their roles so it can feel quiet at times, but it’s always got a positive vibe.

We’re on the 36th floor, and the view is amazing. I’m all set in my individual office, but I’m sure more flare will be coming soon.

Typical CBD business hours are usually 9AM-6PM. We’re lucky to have a more flexible schedule where people come in anywhere between 7-10AM and leave as late as they need to (all within reason of course).

Lunches are typically taken outside of the office…something I’m going to have to get used to. Buying lunch out is easy. It’s less than a 5-minute walk to multiple indoor and outdoor food courts, and if you choose the right place it’s relatively affordable. I’m looking forward to giving myself a bit more of a break during the day.

The lunch breaks give me a nice break from the chill AC, too. Due to the heat outdoors, they pump the AC (they say “air con”) nice and strong inside buildings, which makes sweaters, shawls, or other layers a necessity. Good thing I shipped my warm stuff from Texas!

We have a lovely office worker named Peggy who helps with cleaning, maintaining the kitchen, making tea, and just generally bringing a smile to our faces. She stocks the kitchen with drinks, little snacks, and always makes sure you’ve eaten lunch. Always nice to have someone looking out for you 🙂

Carepe Diem.