But not so busy for the blog.

I started this up when I hadn’t yet moved into my new apartment and my job had not picked up pace. I regret not posting more, but to those who follow my Instagram story adventures I hope they’ve sufficed.

While I am now based in Singapore, I’ve been lucky to do lots of exploring the region and spend just as much time on the road as at home (mostly for work). I wouldn’t be surprised if the Changi Airport people know me by name now. It’s also a fun place to explore and has some neat gardens and great shopping (and the security is so efficient!). Here’s just one cool spot… the Sunflower Garden at sunrise.

I’ll write some recap posts on my travels, but here’s a quick list of what I’ve been up to for the past 6 months:

  • Settled in to my new apartment
  • Bali for a weekend with a Friend visiting
  • New Delhi, India x 2 for work
  • Tokyo, Japan x 2 for work (and a side trip to Osaka and Kyoto)
  • Shanghai, China for work
  • Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam (Gealic Football Tourney)
  • Home to Canada x 2 (and a friend’s wedding!)
  • Two work trips to the US (Michigan, Illinois, New Jersey, and many side trips to Dallas)
  • AND My Boyfriend visited Singapore for the first time, with a side trip to Bali!

Amidst all the time on the road, I’ve connected with some amazing people here (which is part of why there’s been such a lack of posting).

Carpe Diem.